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Monday, September 6, 2010

Basic Expression 1

1. Nice to meet you; nice to see you.
만나서 반갑습니다. [Mannaseo bangabseubnida]

2. Welcome!
어서 오세요. [eoseoseyo]

3. Come in
들어오세요. [teureoseyo]

4. Please take a seat
앉으세요. [anjeuseyo]

5. I'm sorry/ Excuse me
죄송합니다. [jeosonghamnida]

6. Not at all, its all right; No, thanks.
아니오, 괜찮아요. [anio, gwaenchanhayo]

7. See you later (Polite).
또 봐요. [ddo bwayo]

8. Is that so? Really?
그래요? [geuraeyo]

9. To someone working :-
i. Hello
수고하십니다. [sugohasimnida]

ii. Goodbye
수고하세요. [sugohaseyo]

iii. Thank you for helping me/ well done.
수고하셨어요. [sugohasyeosseoyo]


Chic Mont said...

why is the greetings to someone who is working is different?

ReViewER said...

because its more like a compliment greeting while they are working :)